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Our mission is to create spaces for those often ignored and overlooked in all aspects of the food industry. 

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

We are on a quest to fill each community we enter with delicious coffee, homemade goodness, and a whole lot of love. Hodgepodge is an independent coffeehouse that specializes in craft coffee as well as from scratch baked goods made in house daily.



720 Moreland Ave Se, Atlanta, Ga 30316

1 Moreland Ave Se, Suite C, Atlanta, Ga 30316


Leav·en | /lev-ən/



1. a substance, typically yeast, that is used in dough to make it rise.


2. a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it for the better.

/Levən/ is a collaborative kitchen that allows for both. We are a Department of Agriculture certified kitchen that is acutely aware of the barriers in place for food businesses, especially when it comes to minority entrepreneurs. Although there are hundreds of businesses looking for a kitchen space, we are committed to serving communities of color, specifically Black and Brown communities, and even more specifically the femmes and LGBTQIA+ in those communities, that have been systematically shut out of opportunities of ownership in Atlanta's thriving food culture. 


215 Laredo Drive, Suite 100, Decatur, Ga 30030

! Darling Josephine - Logo - Black - Whi
! The Hall - Logo - Black - White BG (1)

Darling Josephine and The Hall are two intentional spaces created for the enjoyment, comfort, and safety of women and the queer community with emphasis on women and queer folx of color. One is a food concept that's cafe feel during the day and dinner service at night. The second is a 5000 sqft event space. Both will be located in the historic school in Adair Park that's been abandoned for decades, but is being repurposed as affordable live/work studios for artists.

There are so many amazing pop ups here in the city and the majority of them are created by women of color. However, the owners who get the most attention and the funding for brick and mortars are white men. So to continue my mission, lunch and dinner service will be seasonal residencies that prioritize women and queer people of color who believe they're ready to transition from pop up events to a restaurant. They'll have the ability to learn menu creation, cooking on the fly, staffing, and receive constructive feedback from a supportive community who want to see them succeed.

Opening 2021

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